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What does Netflix define as a “placard” and how do I know what is acceptable?


An unacceptable placard is any card or other extra content at the beginning of the video which is irrelevant to the plot and not a company or production credit. The most common example of a placard is a “viewer discretion advisory” card.

While all placards will likely be flagged during QC, redelivery won’t be requested when the placard is:

  • Setting context for the video’s content
    • “The following is based on actual events”
    • “Some names and locations have been deliberately changed”
  • A legal disclaimer
    • “All suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty”
    • “Do not attempt...”

Types of placards that should not be delivered:

  • Viewer advisory cards or disclaimers when no additional information is presented
    • "The opinions expressed in this show do not necessarily reflect the views of (the network or production company)."
    • "This show contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing"
    • "Viewer discretion advised."
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