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November 2023


What’s Changed:

Thanks to everyone who kept trying the New UI and for all the continuous feedback. Fixes for the following New UI issues are available now:


  • Some tasks were not loading and were crashing the UI
  • Events are now correctly reordered on the events list when changing in time
  • Adding default 2 frame gap between events when dragging an event
  • Sometimes accented letters were wrongly disappearing
  • Timeline now snaps to the nearest frame
  • AT suggestions were disappearing on page reload
  • FN switch now shows only FNs when enabled, and both FN tagged and non FN tagged events when disabled, unless they overlap. When they overlap and the switch is disabled, then the non FN tagged event is shown.
  • Splitting at caret now repositions the timeline playhead
  • The mixed italics validation wasn’t getting removed even after fixing the event
  • Some keyboard shortcuts were wrongly blocked and showing a message for being already in use
  • Fixed shortcuts for next/previous filter
  • Fixed next/previous frame keyboard shortcuts
  • Timeline zoom is now preserved between sessions
  • UI Customization - when the New UI is enabled, there are now additional options in the Settings panel to control:
    • Show or hide timecodes on the timeline events
    • Separate timeline tracks (text and waveform) and select track order


We also added a fix for a horizontal scrollbar sometimes appearing on the events list. If you’re still affected by this issue, please contact us through the feedback form and we may contact you directly for further investigation.

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