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Transform IMF to DPP

In order to support IMF interoperability and share the benefits of the format with the rest of the content community, we have invested in several open source IMF tools. One example of these tools is the IMF Transform Tool which gives users the ability to transcode from IMF to DPP (Digital Production Partnership).

Realizing Netflix is only one recipient of assets from content owners, we wanted to create a solution that would allow them to enjoy the benefits of IMF and still create deliverables to existing outlets. Similarly, Netflix understands the EST business is still important to content owners, so we’re adding another open source transform tool that will go from IMF to an iTunes-compatible like package (when using Apple ProRes encoder). This will allow users to take a SMPTE compliant IMF and convert it to a package which can be used for TVOD delivery without incurring significant costs via proprietary tools.

IMF Transform to DPP (Windows) Tutorial:

IMF Transform to DPP (MAC) Tutorial:

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