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Error Message:

Invalid Ruby orientation for this text line

Example: First line in screen number 573 has an invalid combination of placement HorizontalBottom and ruby positioning RubyBelow​


The Ruby orientation is invalid and needs to be fixed.


  • For single line subtitle with horizontal alignment – position ruby above character.
  • For single line subtitle with vertical alignment – position ruby on right side of character.
  • If ruby is present on second line of a two-line horizontal subtitle – position ruby below ruby base.
  • If ruby is present on second line of a two-line vertical subtitle – position ruby on left side of ruby base.
  • Ruby on second line of three-line subtitle is not allowed.
  • Rubies used as furigana for kanji should be age appropriate. E.g. children’s content should use rubies as furigana for Kanji which is not commonly known for that age group.

For more information, please read the Japanese Timed Text Style Guide.

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