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Requesting a new Netflix Aspera Workspace

If your project does not have an Aspera on Cloud account, reach out to your Netflix contact to begin the setup process. 

Requesting access to your existing Netflix Aspera Workspace

If you need assistance in accessing a file or a workspace please reach out to your Workspace Manager

  • If you are unsure who that is, reach out to your Netflix contact on this project for more info. (Support does not grant workspace access unless an emergency and can only assist with file access in the case of turnover on the project).

Instructions on how to add or remove users as a Workspace Manager can be found here.


If you are having issues or need context on how to use Aspera on Cloud including how to perform actions as a Workspace Manager please use the IBM help center. 

If you have checked the help center and still need assistance you can reach Netflix Studio Support here.


Some reasons to contact Netflix Studio Support: 

  • There’s an Aspera On Cloud outage 
  • Something is not working as it should, as described in the IBM Help Center 
  • You are a Workspace Manager and there is a need to access files owned by a user who is no longer working on the project.

Workspace Deletion & Data Retention Expectations:

Aspera on Cloud is not intended to host backup or archival content. 

Shortly after a project is completed and launched, it will be evaluated by your Netflix team for deletion. When a workspace is approved for deletion by the Workspace Manager and your Netflix team, all files (uploaded to the files app or sent from its packages app) shared with other workspaces or users will be destroyed. Files being reused by a future workspace need to be uploaded to the new workspace. Please prepare your data in advance of the project launch and let your Netflix contact know if you need to delay the deletion for any reason.

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