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November 2023


What’s Changed:

Thanks to everyone who has been trying the New UI and for all the continuous feedback. Fixes for the following New UI issues are available now:

  • Tabbing to next event
  • Focus caret was moving from clicked position
  • Fix for previous/next line keyboard shortcuts when using default shortcuts
  • Bulk move events
  • Snap event can cause invalid end time freezing the UI
  • Events with 0 duration were freezing the new UI
  • Timeline shows zoom buttons on the side now when scroll bar is hidden
  • New timeline setting to allow scroll with mouse wheel
  • New timeline setting to allow hiding of small ticks
  • Fix for horizontal scroll on events list
  • Auto focus search field on find
  • Validating events after split and toggling tags
  • Event list kept jumping to first event on the list
  • Fixed FN display on video player to match current UI behavior


We also added a fix for the timeline scrolling to match the current UI. If you’re still affected by this issue, please contact us through the feedback form with more details and we may contact you directly for further investigation.

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