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Where do I find audio or localization Master QC reports?


For audio QC, localization QC notes will now be integrated into source requests. Moving forward, you will see two QC reports for audio files under the Quality Control pagelet on a source request for any secondary audio files going through master and localization QC.

When you see a redelivery request on an audio file, there will either be one or two reports depending on whether the title went through master or localization QC or both.

For audio files going through both master and localization QC:

When both master and localization QC are complete, you will see links to both reports in the source requests:

When one QC report is ready and the other is pending, you will have access to the report that is complete but the source request will not move to redelivery requested until the pending QC is completed. The result column will be blank until both QC reports are ready.

All issues flagged in both reports should be addressed.

For audio files only going through one QC (either master or localization):

The source request will move to redelivery requested when the QC is completed and you will only see the one report. There will be a result in the result column upon completion of the QC pass.


Master QC reports remain the same. Access will continue to be a manual assignment per report, if you do not have access, please request from the Content Distribution Specialist assigned to to the title.

Localization QC reports are new, but follow a similar format to master QC reports. All issues with a severity of needs review, needs fix or blocker must be addressed.

We have added blocker as a new severity level. These are issues that will prevent Netflix from launching an asset and should be addressed with urgency.

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