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VFX Production Report - Status Reporting Instructions


This guide will walk you through how to import Thumbnails into Shotgun. For more information around our Shotgun Reporting site, refer to the guide linked above. 



This section is for the IMPORTER role. The VIEWER role will not be able to import thumbnails.


When using the Shotgun Importer tool to create shots from an imported spreadsheet, you may also add thumbnails at the same time. The name of the thumbnail must exactly match the value of the selected “Match filename with” field.


The thumbnail images to be imported can be any common image format (such as jpg or png) and they do not need to be scaled down to a particular size for import.


In this example, Shot Name records are imported to create shots within Shotgun with thumbnails. Thumbnails are matched to the appropriate shot based on matching the Shot Name field to the filename of the thumbnail (file extension is ignored).


Step 1:

Right-click in your shots table and select “Import Shots”

Step 2:

Add your import data. In this example only the Shot Name is being imported in order to create new shots and attach thumbnails.

Step 3:

Select “Continue” and then select “Add Thumbnails”:


Step 4:

Shift-click to select all of your thumbnail files. Note that the name of the file must match the name of the field you are mapping to -- “Shot Name” in this case. The and X characters have been added to this image to illustrate files that will succeed or fail.

Step 5:

Select the field to match the file names to. In this example, the file name is being matched to the Shot Name field of the imported data.

Step 6:

Review errors.

For this example some incorrect files were deliberately included to illustrate a common error. 303_070_0070_BB_v001.png did not successfully match to 303_070_0070 because of the extra information in the file name, “_BB_v001”.  If the file were named 303_070_0070.png then a match would have been found.

Step 7:

Close the window and complete the import process. The selected and matched images will be added to the thumbnail field of your imported shot records.




If you encounter any technical issues with Shotgun, check out this Importer tips on field formatting article.


After checking the guide and you’re still experiencing issues with Shotgun, you may leverage the Shotgun help system by selecting the icon at the top right-hand corner of the Shotgun page, which will launch the following chat support interface.


Please email VFX Ops Support and CC your VFX Lead with any additional questions or concerns.

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