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SDH asset dependencies will default to the ordered subtitle if a dub script hasn’t been ordered!



When SDH assets are ordered in a non-original language (NOLA), the dubbed audio is usually the main transcription reference. If there's no dubbed audio or if the dub doesn’t follow dialogue audio  (e.g. Polish lecktor dub), the SDH linguist should use the related subtitle for reference.

What’s the issue?

Originator and Content Localization Portal don't fully support scenarios where NOLA SDH is needed but the transcription reference should be a subtitle file instead of dubbed audio, necessitating improvements. 


Issues include:

  • CLoc Producers have to manually skip the dubbed audio dependency in CLP for SDH requests with no dub order, causing extra churn.
  • CLP users face false readiness signals for NOLA SDH when a dub isn't ordered. 
  • Vendor Project Managers in CLP and SASS have difficulty identifying if an SDH task has dubbed audio.
  • Linguists using SASS are uncertain about dubbed audio availability for SDH tasks, causing delays. 
  • Linguists using Originator can't access subtitles when a dubbed audio track is missing, creating extra work for Netflix.


What’s new?

Below, changes will be divided into 2 sections: Originator and CLP.




In Originator, regardless of the dub order, the system defaults to the English template for reference, without any Assisted Translations (AT).



  • For Original Language SDH, the original language template will be referenced and the AT suggestions will be the original language template.

OL SDH with Dub Order


  • If NOLA SDH has a dub order, it will automatically reference the dub script and the AT suggestions will be the dub script retimed and reformatted to satisfy TTSG guidelines.

NOLA SDH with Dub Order


  • If NOLA SDH doesn't have a dub order, it will wait for the subtitle instead of the dub audio. The subtitle will be referenced and the AT suggestions will be the subtitle.

NOLA with No Dub Order


🚩For the rare edge cases, if dub audio and subtitles aren’t available, it will default to the language template. 

🚩For efficiency, we no longer generate Stripped SDH for NOLA SDH with no dub order.



Content Localization Portal

Hard Dependencies

Dependency modals are accurate and specific:


Dub Ordered


No Dub Ordered

No Dub or Subtitles Ordered

Supplemental dependencies can be viewed in the Asset Dependency Details panel:


View Request History

The history modal will keep track of the dependency updates more accurately, including the type of dependency that was skipped or waited for on the title.

  • Before it only mentioned that the dependency was skipped. 
  • Now, it will include the type of dependency that was skipped. 


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