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July 2024


What's Changed:

A new, redesigned Workspace page is now available in Content Hub for all users and you'll notice some key improvements.






Better Initial Guidance


  • Instead of just greeting you with a “blank canvas” when your Workspace is empty,  the new initial state of the page provides more upfront context and guidance to users on how to best utilize their Workspace before they get started. 

Upload Confirmation Prompt


  • This allows you to review what you are uploading before immediately starting an upload. Plus, this new prompt also allows you to add additional files to be included in one upload.
  • If you are familiar with uploading to other pages in Content Hub, this confirmation step should be familiar to you as the whole of Content Hub becomes more consistent. 

Folder Tree Navigation


  • The nightmare days of trying to navigate deep folder structures within Workspaces is a thing of the past! Now, there is a folder tree on the left hand side that makes it way easier to drill down into folder structures MUCH faster.

Folder Tree File Management


  • Not only can you make sense of the folder structures better with the new folder tree, you can actually drag and drop files and folders right into the folder tree for easier file management!

File Path Visibility & Navigation


  • In addition to the folder tree, there is also better file path visibility at the top of the page.
  • Plus, you can not only reference what level you are currently at, you can actually click into the file path and navigate to whatever level you choose!

New Share Prompt


  • There is an all new share prompt with some key improvements that should provide more context at the moment when a share needs to occur -- like better descriptions on the permissions options!

New Share Prompt - Modifying Share Access


  • Once something is shared, you can modify permissions or revoke access from this same modal.
  • To help save you more time, you can even do this in bulk by marking the check boxes next to multiple peoples’ names!

Copy Direct Link


  • You may also notice a brand new button -- Copy Direct Link. When clicking this button, Content Hub will copy a direct link to your clipboard that points to an exact location or folder level within Workspace. With this new feature, it has never been easier to pinpoint exactly what you want to share with someone.
  • Just a heads up, make sure the recipient of this link already has access to the location you are sharing or it won’t work. 

Customizable & Adjustable Columns


  • We know that when it comes to data, there are a lot of personal preferences as to how you might want it displayed. We are excited to share that now you will have much more control on what columns you want to see in Workspace, what order they are in, and how they are sorted! You can even resize columns or pin them to the far right.

Learn More

You can learn more about the improved Workspace page -- including user guides -- here.

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