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Content Hub Profiles

There are currently 5 profiles available to partners using Content Hub. The profile a user has been assigned will dictate what areas/functionality is exposed to them.

Profile Name: Production Admin
Typical Users: Post Production Producer, Assistant Editor, Supervising Sound Mixer

The Production Admin is able to access production assets, as well as turn over assets to Netflix and track the archival delivery of a show to Netflix. They can view, download, share and release assets to Netflix.

Profile Name: Production Reviewer
Typical Users: Director, DOP, Editor

This profile is geared toward creative members of a production, and allows them to review content, but not work directly with assets and metadata. They can view and release assets to Netflix.

Profile Name: Production Uploader
Typical Users: DIT, Dailies Lab

Production Uploaders are able to upload assets, but not download, delete, or track deliveries on a show.

Profile Name: Fulfillment Vendor (Requests Only)
Typical Users: DI Facility IO Dept, Sound Facility IO Dept

Fulfillment Vendors can see and fulfill Content Hub requests that they have been assigned.

Profile Name: Workspaces Only
Typical Users: VFX users, QC facility, Music dept

Those with the “Workspaces Only” profile can use the Workspaces feature only. They have no visibility to requests or assets on the project.

Please Note: Only your Netflix representative can add new users to a project or adjust a users profile.

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