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When you first log into Content Hub, the Project landing page will be the first page you see. If you are working on a single Netflix show, you will bypass this page. If you are working on multiple shows, you will see a list of all the shows you have access to. From here you can search for and sort the projects you care about. 


You see projects you worked on recently and the full list of projects you have access to. You can switch between Recently Viewed and My Projects. 


Figure A

To reveal more options and settings, hover your mouse cursor on the left-hand sidebar. From this side bar you can access your cross-project settings as well as the support menu.


Figure B

From the support menu you can submit feedback, find learning resources, report a problem, or access the terms of use and privacy policy. CH_ProjectsOverview_05.png

Figure C

You can sort your list of projects by the time you last worked on them or the phase of production. Just click on the column header and that will toggle the sort by ascending or descending. 


Figure D

You can also filter projects down by only the production phases you care about. Click the dropdown select one or more filters. 


Figure E

To search for your project, enter the project name into the search box.  


Figure F

If you search for a project and get no results, double check your spelling and keyword used. If you still aren't able to find the project you are looking for, reach out to your Netflix contact to ensure you have been granted access.


Figure G

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