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Episode & Main Title Translation in Subs and Dubs

If Netflix is providing translations for main and episode titles (please see below for when that is the case), they are made available in the KNP at the start of the localization process when proxies are available. Please contact your Netflix representative if the titles are not there within the expected timeline.

Main Titles

Only translate in the subs or dubs if the main title is voiced over. If the main title is voiced over, please check the KNP for approved translation to use in the dubbed secondary audio and full subtitle stream.

Example of voice over translation:


If a main title is referenced somewhere in dialogue, it’s pertinent to reference the approved main title translation in the KNP tool.

Example of in-dialogue translation:

“Magic School Bus” in “The Magic School Bus Rides again”

Do not translate the main title card if not voiced over.
This rule also applies to non-english main titles.

*Exception: Korean subs for Japanese content. See Korean Timed Text Style Guide.

Episodic Titles

  • For Korean assets:
    • Do not translate in subs or dubs (see exception above)
  • For Branded (non-Korean) assets:
    • If on screen and/or voiced over, refer to KNP for Netflix provided translations
    • If not on screen or voiced over, do not translate in subs or dubs
  • For Non-Branded (non-Korean) assets:
    • If on screen, do not translate in subs or dubs
    • If voiced over, translate but check KNP first for existing translations
      • If KNP is not available, translate freely
    • If mentioned in dialogue, refer to the KNP and check for existing translations
      • if KNP is not available, translate freely

Episodic Title on screen and voiced over examples:

“A Berry Big Mystery” from True and the Rainbow Kingdom"


"Pup Pup Goose" from Paw Patrol

Episode is part of the principal photography:


Regardless of main title & episode title translation, it is best practice to check the KNP at the start of localization for any existing translations that may have been used in other Netflix properties, e.g. marketing trailers.


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