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Dailies Requirements

For all scripted projects, on-set or near-set dailies services are required in order to provide efficiency for downstream processes.

Color & Sync

  • Production sound must be synced to camera footage for editorial media.
  • Color operations should be applied in a specific order. See Color Pipeline for details.
    • If CDLs exist, they must be applied before the LUT.
    • No secondaries, power windows, or keys in dailies.  
  • Grading monitor must be calibrated to Rec.709 / BT.1886 standard, or equivalent HDR standard (i.e. SMPTE ST.2084).

Editorial and Review Proxies & Metadata

  • ALEs / BINs must be generated with all camera and sound metadata including columns with CDLs and LUT names.
  • Editorial media and proxy deliverables must be generated from original camera RAW files, not from a secondary proxy.

Change Log:


  • Updated to clarify "Color operations should be applied in a specific order."
  • Added link to "Color Pipeline" article. 
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