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Anime Production: Minimum Requirements

The following are minimal technical requirements for Anime production workflows to ensure a high level of quality throughout the lifecycle of a project, from creation to archive. This serves the purpose of future-proofing the content as the Netflix platform and viewing experience continue to evolve.

Production Requirements


The working resolution must be 1920x1080 or higher throughout the production, including drawing, scanning, background, CG and VFX.

Aspect Ratio / Framing

Aspect ratio is a creative decision and must be evaluated and discussed with Netflix for approval.

Working File Format

  • Minimum of 8-bit for 2D character and background images.
  • Minimum of 10-bit for 3D character and background images.
  • Use Uncompressed or Lossless image formats, such as PNG, TIFF, or DPX.

Output File Format

  • Minimum 10-bit image bit depth.
  • Example File Formats:
    • Uncompressed image sequences (e.g. 10-bit DPX, 16-bit TIFF, EXR).
    • Compressed at a bitrate of at least 175 Mbps (at 23.98 / 24 fps) in 10-bit (e.g. DNxHD 175x, ProRes 422 HQ, or higher).

Color Pipeline Requirements 

Workstation Monitor

  • sRGB

Preview Monitor

For color review, the monitor must be calibrated to Rec709 / BT.1886 standard with 6500K color temperature, or equivalent HDR standard (i.e. PQ / SMPTE ST.2084)

Finishing Requirements


  • Compositing software (e.g. After Effects, Flame, etc.) should be set to floating point (16 or 32 bit ) when possible
  • Final output images should be at least 10-bit (e.g. uncompressed DPX, EXR) or compressed at a bitrate of at least 175 Mbps (e.g. DNxHD 175x, ProRes 422 HQ, or higher).
  • After Effects example setting:


IMF Master

IMF must be generated from a final high quality Video Master, preferably uncompressed 10-bit (e.g. DPX) or compressed at a bitrate of at least 175 Mbps (e.g. DNxHD 175x, ProRes 422 HQ, or higher).

See Post Production Branded Delivery Specifications for full IMF specification.

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