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Visual Effects: VFX Pulls (One-Sheet)

VFX Requirements

VFX pulls must be:

  • Minimum resolution of 4K UHD (3840x2160).
  • One of the following file formats:
    • 16-bit EXR (.exr) in ACES, or camera’s Linear color space
    • 16-bit or 10-bit DPX (.dpx) in the camera’s Log color space

Framing chart must be shared between all vendors.

VFX pulls should include CDLs, LUT (if any), and dailies color reference.

  • Round-trip tests should be run ASAP to verify color match between VFX and editorial.
  • See Color Pipeline section for more detail.

Proxy or intermediate files should only be used for reference during editing, previews, and/or audio-dub/timed-text generation.

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