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Dubbing Pre-Mix Recording and Delivery Guidelines

Premix Dialogue WAV: Localized - Specifications and Delivery


Dubbing partner to create a mono WAV file containing all pre-mix dialog units using the offline bounce function in Protools. All pre mix dialog units should be recorded at a well balanced volume and in sync with provided picture. 


  • Before export, please attenuate any group walla tracks by -10db. For QC purposes, principle dialog should play on top of group tracks to discern the two.

  • All recorded audio should be included in your offline bounce. Make sure to select the entire length of the movie file or guide track audio. This will ensure the bounced WAV is the exact length as your picture and the picture used for QC.

  • Keep in mind, the bounce to disk feature relies heavily on your outputs. You can select what outputs you want bounced in the “Bounce Source” dropdown. Make sure to select the correct output(s) of the tracks you want in your bounced file.

  • Please insert a -6db true peak limiter on all dialog tracks OR on bounce bus to control peaks

  • Open the "File" menu and select "Bounce to" and "Disk." Click the "Offline" check box (bottom left) if you want to perform the bounce faster than real time. Select the other options as required for the output file format you require, name your file and select the folder destination.

  • Click the "Bounce" button in the lower-right corner of the dialog box and your bounce will begin. If the "Offline" box was not checked, the bounce will take as long as playing the project file would. Offline processing will occur in a matter of seconds, with speed depending on your system resources.

  • The bounced WAV should then be uploaded against the following source request:
    • (Language) - Premix Dialogue WAV: Localized

    • Naming convention:

      • [PackageID]_ShowTitle_[framerate]_Mono_[langCode]_PreMixQC_[Version].wav


Edit Pro Tools Session: Localized - Specifications and Delivery


A protools session prepared for the alternate language mix at the sample rate, bit rate, frame rate, and the file format of the original version printmaster containing the following items:
Raw, untreated, synced, and edited alternate language dialog tracks from the dub recordings.
The localized edit protools session should not be uploaded against the source request until the Premix Dialogue WAV has successfully completed Netflix linguistic QC.


  • Make sure that sample rate, bit rate, frame rate, and the file format have the same parameters of the Original Version mix deliverables.

  • Name each track with the character’s name IN ENGLISH before the recording so all the regions take the same name. Do not use any symbols or accents (Ò, È). Files can be disconnected in a different language system.

  • Unless you are provided with a track sheet, record each character in a separate track. Small Characters (up to 5 lines) can be in the same track as long as they don’t overlap. Change the name in the track name field for each small character before recording so each region takes the appropriate character name. Record the same character in the same track or if this has not been possible, edit them on a single track.

  • Make sure you keep the same level between lines and characters (Example. -14 dB for regular dialogue or -6 dB for loud, i.e., screams) Make sure these are not over compressed or distorted; and when it is low or whispery, make sure that you don’t have room noise by recording closer to the microphone.

  • Before recording in older systems, make sure that your disk allocation for every track is set to the same folder for your session, so we can get ALL of your recordings when you send it.

  • During the recording please listen to the M&E at a comfortable level. If reactions are in the M&E, don’t record them. If a line is in the middle of a really loud scene (Explosions, loud music, etc.) make sure that the actor is not whispering and that the voice projection matches the original version.

  • Do not record reactions that do not exist in the Domestic version.

  • It is not necessary to record effected dialogs in separate tracks (i.e.: radios, telephones, etc). 

  • Record Walla as close as possible to the domestic version.

  • Before you deliver the session, make sure the dialogue is unprocessed, edited, synced up and nothing is missing. Each clip should contain a head and tail fade and should contain dialog only, without noise or other audio irregularities.

  • If you need to record pick-ups, make sure that everything sounds like the original recording including level, projection, voice, etc. Play some of the original recording before the pick up session. Send the entire pick-ups in one Pro Tools session.

  • In the delivery, include only the clean dialogue. Before the delivery, delete unused regions.

  • When delivering an Extended Version of a previously recorded Theatrical Version, send only the extended scenes ADR including the 5.1 Dialogue pre Dub edited to the new version.

  • Do not consolidate, duplicate or otherwise destructively process dialog recorded during the dub.

  • Please archive the protools session into .zip before sending.
 Required files must be bundled into a ZIP archive using COPY or STORE ONLY mode (no compression).
  • The following source request will accept .zip file only

    • (Language) - Edit Pro Tools Session: Localized

    • Naming convention:

      • [PackageID]_ShowTitle_[langCode]_DX_Raw_EditProTools_[framerate]_48k24b_[Version].zip
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