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Snowball Edge - Netflix CH CLI Options


  • unlock - unlock the Snowball device
  • copy - copies local file(s) to snowball
  • checksum - compute checksum and store the result internally
  • status - Reports the current file transfer status, including checksum hash
  • finalize - Validates files copied and sends a report to snowball
  • clean - clean temporary files on the workstation and delete all files on Snowball Edge device



  • path(s) to data source



  • User’s Netflix login id



  • Backlot client Id. You can obtain one from here along with client secret



  • Backlot client secret. See clientId for how to obtain one



  • Snowball’s IP address. Please see AWS’s instruction for details.



  • Possible values are: md5 | xxhash64be
  • Md5 is commonly used by slower with high system resource requirement
  • Xxhash64be is faster with low system resource requirement
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