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Product Trailer - Deliverables

1. Deliverable Checklist Overview 

 1.1 Required Deliverables 

  • Video-Texted (includes graphics cards and on-screen graphic text)
  • Video-Textless (graphic cards and on-screen text removed - just the clean background for cards, or clean picture for on-screen text)
  • Audio Splits
    • Need separate files for Dialogue, Music, and Effects tracks
      • 5.1 (6-channel), or, if unavailable, 2.0 (2-channel). Do not submit mono stems. 
  • Dialogue Edit Decision List (EDL)
    • should reference the full title/episodes whenever possible, not files created by the agency.
  • Audio Printmaster 
    • Need a separate delivery of the Printmaster in the same mix of the original film or episodes:
      • 5.1 (6-channel), 2.0 (2-channel), 5.1 + 2.0 (8-channel)

 1.2 Recommended Deliverables

  • English Script / Subtitles
    • *note: this deliverable is required for foreign language trailers.
  • Graphics Package - AfterEffects file (necessary to create localized graphics)
  • Audio - Undipped Music files


 2.1 Video

  • Trailers:
    • Technical: Trailer video frame rate and codec should match the original film or episodes. For example, if the show is in 4K (e.g. 4096x2160), then the trailer should also be in 4K (4096x2160); if the show is in HD (e.g. 1920x1080), the trailer should be in HD (1920x1080). Please refer to the original film or episode's delivery.
    • Evergreen Messaging: Trailer cannot have any call-to-action messaging or date mentions, e.g. "This April", "This Summer".
    • Music & SFX: All music and sound effects must be cleared for worldwide and in-perpetuity use.
    • Watermark: There should not be any watermarks of any kind. Though Netflix Marketing materials have a Netflix bug, Product trailers should not.
    • Language: All language (dialogue, graphic cards) should be in the same language as the original film or episodes unless specifically requested otherwise.
    • Branding: There should not be any Netflix intro and outro stacks animation or Netflix end card.
    • Slate: Remove the slate and/or countdown leader.
    • Studio cards: Remove all studio cards or cards with billing credits.
  • :30 Product Review: 
    • Technical: The:30 Product Preview frame rate and codec should match the same tech specs as the main trailer.
    • Graphics & Branding: Asset should not have any graphics nor Netflix branding (remove stacks).
    • Length: Total duration should be between 25 and 35 seconds; do not include a second of black at the head and tail.
  • Recaps
    • Branding: For Recaps specifically, do not include a Netflix end card or the Netflix intro and outro stacks animation. A title card is fine to include.

 2.2 Audio

  • Audio Format: Trailer audio specifications should match the original film or episodes and should be the same channel mix: 5.1 (6-channel), 2.0 (2-channel), or 5.1 + 2.0 (8-channel). Please refer to the original film or episodes delivery. Additionally, the Dialogue, Music, and Effects should, when possible, be mapped onto different channels.
  • Printmaster: Provide the final audio (per the same specs as referenced in Section 1.1 - "Required Deliverables") separate from the video
  • Split Audio Files: Provide separate Dialogue, Music, and Sound Effects .wav files (stems) matching the channel layout and audio specs of the Printmaster being delivered: 2 channel .wav files of each stem for Stereo Printmaster; 6 channel .wav files of each stem for 5.1 Printmaster.
    If it is not possible to deliver these split audio files, you must reach out to your Netflix contact prior to delivery. 

 2.3 Graphics Package Specs

  • Full After Effects project
    • Includes Font, Graphic Cards, and background art files
    • No missing or "offline" files
    • Zipped together


  • Creative Agencies: Deliver files to VanDAM; reach out to your Marketing Ops AV Producer for the file path.
  • Finishing Vendors: Deliver files to Backlot; reach out to your Title Ops Project Manager for the Package ID.
  • Content Partners: Deliver files to VanDAM, ContentHub, or Backlot; reach out to your Title Ops Project Manager for the appropriate delivery path.

4. Resources

Change Log:


Updated Audio Split deliverable requirements to specify channel configurations. 
Removed the Backlot Delivery Requirement added on 2018-12-21. 


Revised Backlot Delivery Requirements- 1-second of black required at the tail of program.  Removed head requirement.  


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