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Animation Specifications (Series)

The following are technical requirements for Series Animation production workflows to ensure a high level of quality throughout the lifecycle of a project, from creation to archive. This serves the purpose of future-proofing the content as the Netflix platform and viewing experience continue to evolve.

Production Requirements Resolution

The working resolution must be 3840x2160 or higher throughout the production, including drawing, scanning, background, CG and VFX.

Working File Format

  • Minimum 10-bit uncompressed image sequences are preferred:
    • 16-bit linear EXR
    • 10-bit log DPX
  • Following compressed 10-bit or 12-bit file formats are also acceptable:
    • HDR: 12-bit, DNxHR 444 or ProRes 4444 XQ
    • SDR: 10-bit, DNxHR 444, or ProRes 444

Color Pipeline Recommendations

It is important to ensure that images are stored in the widest possible color space until the very final stages of the color pipeline. This is easily achieved by using ACES, which is a high dynamic range, wide color gamut space, and allows the user to simply select the Output Transform for the target viewing display. This can also be achieved while working in a wider color space than your display (such as P3 or Rec.2020) with careful, pro-active color management and the use of display and viewing LUTs. Color_Pipeline_v2.1_Animation-HDR.png

Workstation Monitor

The minimum spec for a workstation monitor should be complete coverage of the sRGB gamut and brightness of 100 nits (cd/m2).

Ideally the workstation monitors will be able to show the P3 gamut, which is especially important for feature films and series finishing in Dolby Vision / HDR.

Reference Monitor

For color review, the monitor must be calibrated to the following:


Finishing Requirements


  • Compositing software (e.g. After Effects, Flame, etc.) should be set to floating point (16 or 32-bit ) when possible
  • After Effects example setting:


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