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If a localization vendor is asked to deliver to VanDam, Netflix’s proprietary asset management system, it means that the localization vendor has been requested to create subtitles and/or dialogue edit WAVs for a Marketing Supplemental video asset or for a marketing-supported Service/Product Supplemental video asset. 

“Supplemental” here refers to short-form content, such as recaps, trailers, featurettes, etc. The Netflix representative from the Supplemental Localization Team will indicate if a request is for either Marketing or Service/Product purposes in the email request subject line. Note that a localization vendor may receive multiple service and marketing orders for a single title.

Please note: The localization vendor is delivering dialogue edit WAVs and not the fully-mixed dubs in these cases because Netflix will be using a separate finishing vendor to mix the final dubs.



  • Dialogue Edit WAV: Localized (henceforth known as a “Dialogue Edit”; formerly known as a “DX Stem”)
    • Summary: The localization vendor should create a consolidated mono WAV file containing the dialogue edited to the trailer's length. All premix dialogue units should be recorded at a well balanced volume and in sync with the provided picture. No effects, e.g., pans, EQs, reverbs, should be applied. A Backlot source request for this file type currently does not exist for trailers, so this will be delivered to the appropriate VanDam folder that the Supplemental Localization Team will provide access to. 
    • Further Details: In cases where there is overlapping dialogue in the source audio, note that each overlapping line should be placed on its own track and not be comped together. If possible, please do not deliver more than three WAVs. The naming convention should be as follows:



Naming Convention

  • [PackageID]_SupplementalTitle_[framerate]_Mono_[langCode]_Dialogue_SupplementalType_[Version].wav
  • [PackageID]_SupplementalTitle_[framerate]_Mono_[langCode]_Overlapping_SupplementalType_[Version].wav
  • [PackageID]_SupplementalTitle_[framerate]_Mono_[langCode]_Walla_SupplementalType_[Version].wav



  • 1234567_StrangerThingsS4MainProductTrailer_23_Mono_es_Dialogue_Service.wav
  • *StrangerThingsS4Main30_23_Mono_es_Dialogue_Marketing_V2.wav

*Note that Marketing Trailers do not have PKIDs attributed to them, which is why it is not included in the file name for the Marketing Trailer example above.




Please DO NOT deliver the following:

  • ProTool Sessions (screenshot below)


  • Multiple WAV files, separated by character speaking (NOTE: This is only acceptable when dialogue is overlapping as noted in the “Further Details” section above, and in that case no more than three WAVs should be delivered) (screenshot below)


  • Fully-mixed audio
  • Multiple WAVs each corresponding to different trailer cuts delivered to the same VanDam folder (NOTE: Each trailer will have its own delivery folder for its appropriate dialogue edit WAVs)

To summarize, deliverables for marketing-supported trailers will look like the below, broken out by Supplemental/Trailer Type for ease of reference:

  • Deliverables for MARKETING Trailers:
    • Dialogue Edit WAV: Localized: Delivered to VanDam
    • Subtitles: Delivered to VanDam
    • As Recorded Script: Delivered to VanDam
  • Deliverables for SERVICE/PRODUCT Trailers:
    • Dialogue Edit WAV: Localized: Delivered to VanDam
    • Subtitles: Delivered to Backlot



  • If Netflix’s mixer and/or QCers flag any issues with the Dialogue Edit WAV file, a representative of the Supplemental Localization team will reach out via email (likely via the original request email) to have the studio advise and/or arbitrate.


How to Deliver to VanDam:


When the localization vendor receives an email request to deliver subtitles and/or dialogue stems to VanDam, the Netflix representative will link a VanDam folder in the request email. This is where the localization vendor will upload/deliver the assets. Clicking on the link may lead you to a folder labeled like that seen below in Figure 1.



Figure 1 - Main Asset Folder View

Or the link may lead you to the folder view, like that seen in Figure 2.



Figure 2 - Folder View

You can proceed to upload your assets here. 


Additional Considerations:

  • When in the "Main Asset Folder View" (Figure 1) there is a “Switch to folder view” blue button located on the upper-right hand side of the page. This will lead the localization vendor to the "Folder View" (Figure 2) where they can upload assets.
  • There are separate folders shared with the localization vendor for—one for 
  • , dialogue edit WAV delivery— per trailer, and per supplemental/trailer type (whether it’s marketing or service/product). This means it is of the utmost importance that the corresponding files are delivered to the appropriate folder. 
    • These folders will always be linked in the email request that the Supplemental Localization Team sends to the localization vendor(s).
    • Please note that even if the service/product and marketing trailer are similar or exactly the same, different delivery folders for each trailer will be provided to you, and the dialogue edit WAVs for each will need to be uploaded to the appropriate delivery folder.


Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If upon clicking the VanDam link the message “Request Collaborator Access,” pops up, then the user does not currently have access to the folder. Please reach out to the Netflix representative who sent the trailer request, and they will grant the user access. Please be sure to note the email addresses of the user(s) that require access.
  • If upon clicking the VanDam link, the user is redirected to the VanDam home page, then they do not have a VanDam account. Please reach out to the Netflix representative, and they will create an account for them. Please be sure to note the email addresses of the user(s) that require an account.
  • If upon clicking the VanDam link the user is directed to a blank white page, please disable any pop-up blockers in the web browser.


Exclusive to Finishing Vendors:

  • Prior to final delivery, please remove the 2-pop from finished audio assets.

For any further information about the Supplemental Localization Team’s workflows—for both Marketing and Service/Product trailers—please see this deck here.


Change Log


  • Updated “Deliverables” section to update “DX Stem” to “Dialogue Edit WAV: Localized” and expanded on the specs, including a naming convention and examples.
  • Added a “Please DO NOT deliver the following” section
  • Updated “Workflow” section to summary of deliverables section
  • Added a “QC” section
  • Updated “Please Note” section to “Additional Considerations” and added a second point 
  • Added a link to the Supplemental Localization Team’s workflows deck
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