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Error Code:

Pixelation / Quantization


“Pixelation/Quantization” refers to visible, individual colored blocks within an image, often due to poor resolution scaling or rendering at lower bit depths.


Pixelation/Quantization impacts the Technical and Content Quality of the asset. Member experience will be negatively impacted by poor quality images that are noticeably compressed or overly-scaled. If pixelation so degrades image quality, it can make the content unwatchable.

Severity Structure:



Needs Review

Shot is much lower image and pixel quality than similar/ surrounding shots. Image is noticeably “blown up” and lacks sharpness. 

How to Prevent:

Avoid using low quality stock and archival footage when possible. Make sure footage is of equal native resolution to rest of content.

Shoot higher resolution than final delivery format to leave room for scaling without compromising quality.

Render at least 10-bit. 8-bit visual effects tend to enhance pixelation.


Shot or scene must be replaced with the same content at higher native resolution or bit depth.

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