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Error Code:

Audio Channel Issue - Panning 


"Panning" refers to an incorrect balance between left and right stereo channels that does not correctly reflect the action taking place on-screen. This can happen during a limited duration, or remain heavy on either side through the entire program. 


Incorrectly panned audio impacts the technical and content quality of an asset. Customer experience will be negatively affected as unintended left or right heavy audio may be noticeably off compared to the location of action on-screen. Possibly, but rarely, creative intent. Any derivative of this mix will contain audio that is incorrectly panned.

Severity Structure:


Panning occurs while on-screen action indicates it is creatively intended.


Panning audio has distracting effect for any amount of time, if left or right heavy mix does not match the action on-screen.

How to Prevent:

Apply proper stereo balancing at mix to avoid incorrect panning effects. 


Adjust the stereo balancing to properly reflect the creatively intended audio pan.

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