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Error Code:

Audio Panning Error


"Audio Panning Error" refers to an incorrect balance between left and right channel pairs that does not match the on screen action. This can happen through a limited duration, or audio may favor one channel through the entire program.  


Audio panning errors impact the technical and content quality of an asset. Unintended left or right heavy audio may be distracting to the member experience when it does not match the action on screen.  

Severity Structure:


Audio panning can be reasonably attributed to creative intent (i.e. occurs while on screen action indicates that it is a creative panning effect). .


Audio panning is distracting, due to it not matching on screen action.  Audio favors left or right channel for an extended duration/ through majority of program, indicating a mixing error. 

How to Prevent:

Apply proper stereo balancing during mix to avoid incorrect panning.


Adjust the stereo balancing to properly reflect the creatively intended mix. Check the M&E for the same issue, and redeliver M&E as well if necessary.

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