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Error Code:

Missing Content (Audio) 


"Missing Content" is when essential audio is missing from the program. This may be large sections of silence, or any dropouts in dialogue, music or effects.


Missing content impacts the content quality of an asset. Customer experience is negatively affected as program content is incomplete in some way. This is potentially a creative element of the show, and contextual clues should exist to point to such. Any derivative of this file will contain Missing Content.

Severity Structure:


Clearly creatively intended, contextual clues exist to point to the fact that the content was not meant to be there.


File is missing audio related to title sequences, dialogue, music or effects anywhere in the program. These are technical elements that are clearly not meant to be in the final product for the episode or show.

How to Prevent:                          

Review audio with picture and look for contextual clues that dialogue, music or effects are intended to be present, prior to export.


Replace all missing audio, then re-export.

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