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Error Code:

Low Level Audio


"Low Level Audio” refers to audio tracks or segments peaking at dramatically low levels.


Low level audio impacts the content quality of the asset.  Levels that are much lower than creatively intended can result in dialogue or effects not being heard, resulting in a poor member experience.

Severity Structure:


Lower audio levels do not impact the customer experience in playback or are creatively motivated based on the context of the scene.


There are audio tracks or segments peaking at noticeably lower levels, making portions of the intended mix partially inaudible.

How to Prevent:                          

Accurately capture the performance with a good signal level, but without clipping.

Balance elements in relation to one another to achieve consistency in mix.

View content from the perspective of the customer, ensuring the audio is at a level that will provide a pleasant and clear experience.

If you are dealing with Netflix Original content please ensure you follow the audio mixing requirements, which specifically detail the required average loudness and peak levels.


Correct the audio levels to ensure a consistent level across the content.




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