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Content Hub - Zipless Delivery of Picture Mastering Assets

Deliverables can now be uploaded to Content Hub without packaging into a ZIP file. You can either upload direct to fulfill a request or via Workspaces, then submitted to a request.

The limit on the number of files in a single upload is 250,000. If the file count exceeds 250,000, you will need to split the files up and upload in batches. It is best to split by directories rather than splitting by files within a folder whenever possible. Uploads will be batched into chunks of 25K files in Aspera. Therefore a batch of 100k files show up as 4 separate uploads in the Aspera transfer window.

Picture Mastering assets should contain the checksum.txt file. The checksum.txt file should be placed in the same folder along with the image sequence files.

Netflix Packager (npack) Installation & Usage Instructions

If you have Python, please ensure it is 3.7+, otherwise download and install from https://www.python.org/downloads/

To install Netflix Packager (this step needs to be ran only once), open Command Prompt Shell (Windows, Mac OS) and type in:

pip3 install npack

Expected Output:

Collecting npack
Downloading npack-0.8.0-py2.py3-none-any.whl
Installing collected packages: npack
Successfully installed npack-0.8.0

Note: In some instances for Python3 pip is called pip3. If unable to find pip or pip3, please install it following the instructions on https://pip.pypa.io/en/stable/installing/

Once installed the following command will be used to generate the checksum.txt file:

npack checksum -s sourceFolder

Be sure to change the directory to the folder containing the image sequence and run the command. Depending on the number of files and the size of the files, the command could take several hours to complete.

Checksum location:


chefs_table_s02e01/vdm_hdr/3840x2160/File sequence.######.tiff



Bright/reel_01/dcdm_sdr_xyz/3840x2160/File sequence.######.tiff

Upload the asset folder containing the checksum.txt file and image sequence directly into the request for fulfillment or via Workspaces, then submitted to request.

For more information regarding Folder and File Sequence naming conventions please refer to Content Hub - Preparing Mastering Assets.

Change Log


  • Updated article title from "Content Hub - Zipless Delivery of DI Assets" to "Content Hub - Zipless Delivery of Picture Mastering Assets" to provide clarity around the assets being discussed.
  • Added the npack installation command.
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