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Picture Mastering Deliverables are required to be uploaded to Content Hub directly without being packaged into a ZIP file. There are two ways to upload the deliverables directly to Content Hub:

1. Directly Fulfill A Request

2. Upload the Deliverables to Your Workspace, and Submit the Deliverables to Their Corresponding Requests


The limit on the number of files in a single upload is 250,000. If the file count exceeds 250,000, you will need to split the files up and upload them in batches. It is best to split by directories rather than splitting by files within a folder whenever possible. Uploads will be batched into chunks of 25K files in Aspera. Therefore a batch of 100k files shows up as 4 separate uploads in the Aspera transfer window.


Checksum.txt files are required to be created for each Picture Mastering deliverable and be placed within the same folder along with the image sequence files prior to the delivery.  For instructions regarding How To Create Checksum.txt Files, please refer to CHCLI Checksum Creation User Guide



*NOTE For Picture Mastering assets (Non-Graded Archival Masters), please enter the required metadata before upload. 


Uploading via Requests tab:



Uploading via Workspaces:



For more information regarding Folder and File Sequence naming conventions, please refer to Picture Archival Assets: Folder Structure and File Naming Convention.

For more information regarding Non-Graded Archival Asset Specifications, please refer to Non-Graded Archival Master Specifications and Best Practice






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