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"Ident-Free" IMF Delivery in Backlot


What is the "Ident-Free" delivery workflow? 

In simple terms "Ident-Free" means external partners are no longer responsible for delivering content with the Netflix branding or "ident" added to the head and tail of program. 

We are changing our Netflix ident workflow from a partner-based “you stitch it on” model to an automated, Netflix-based “we stitch it on” model.

Why are we changing the workflow around idents?

Previously for all branded content, we required Fulfillment Partners to follow a precise specification for placement, adding the Netflix ident at the head and tail of content. Unfortunately, the ident had often been flagged during QC when unauthorized changes were made - color shifts, changing the audio mix, cutting out frames, etc. Historically, ident issues have accounted for 25% of QC failures, resulting in multiple redeliveries and QC passes. Moving to an "Ident-Free" workflow means the assets will be delivered "clean" which helps reduce QC issues.

How does it work? 

The current implementation of the "Ident-Free" delivery workflow requires action from Netflix Title Operations. Source requests in Backlot which are candidates for the "Ident-Free" delivery workflow are package-tagged as "Auto Ident". This is completed by your Title Operations Project Manager (TPM) at Netflix.

The presence of an "Auto Ident" package-tag indicates that the Fulfillment Partner must deliver an IMF source without the ident and we will apply our branding internally. This package tag acts as the trigger or signal which notifies our internal, downstream ingest and encoding processes to apply our branding to a clean, ident-less source delivered through Backlot. This workflow currently does NOT support ProRes deliveries. 

Where do I find the "Auto Ident" tag in Backlot? 

There are two ways to identify if your source requests have the "Auto Ident" package tag. 

From the Backlot: Manage Requests dashboard, customize your column view to reveal Tags.


The tag is applied at the package level, so all Source Requests within a single Package ID will contain the "Auto Ident" tag. 


You can also review the tags from the Source Request Details page of any request. The Tags are noted at the bottom-left of the Request Overview pane. 



What if I accidentally delivered with idents?

If you mistakenly deliver source material to a package which is tagged "Auto Ident" and you had stitched idents onto the head and tail of program, this will result in the files processing with double idents. In this scenario, the source request will need to be flipped to Redelivery Requested, you will need to remove the redundant idents included in your source and redeliver a clean, ident-less file to the "Auto Ident" package-tagged source request.  


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