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Netflix Confidentiality & NDA Obligations

Who would have thought sharing a picture from work or posting a comment on social media would pose a problem? It seems innocent, doesn't it? Well, if you work on Netflix productions you would be breaking strict confidentiality agreements as outlined in your NDA and the studio's MSA with Netflix.

Confidential information means...

  • ANY and ALL information related to the show on which you are working. Some examples of this include details about what you or other actors and crew are doing, the characters being played, who is working with you, and any details about the script, plot, business of the studio or Netflix.
  • ANY and ALL contributions that you personally make or contribute to within the project and/ or your performance.

In keeping with these duties of confidentiality, during translation, dubbing, editing, grading & mixing sessions, Talent shall not use cameras, video cameras (including those on smartphones) social media or recording devices of any kind. We recognize that there are times you need to check phones for work, or in case of an emergency. But given the increasing number of breaches of confidentiality and the widespread effects of unauthorized posting, phone use should happen outside the studio only.

When confidential information is leaked or posted, it hurts the whole team that has worked on a project and can make the project launch less impactful - or worse, create grounds for legal action. With your help, we can keep breaches and posts from occurring, and support the overall creative launch of each program.

Hear what the Executive Producer of Stranger Things, Shawn Levy, has to say about abiding by confidentiality practices.

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