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Snowball Edge - Useful Command Lines



To generate Snowball report (nfcli_checksum.txt file):

./chcli -action report

The report will be generated and located at user directory:



Using the report generated above, 2 more useful commands can be used:

Check files that were not successfully transferred to the Snowball:

egrep "file,.*null,0$" ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/nfcli_checksum.txt

Check the number of the files that were not transferred to the Snowball:

 egrep "file,.*null,0$" ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/nfcli_checksum.txt |wc -l




To view full cli log:

cat ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/logs/snowball.log




To view the last 100 lines of the log:

tail -100f ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/logs/snowball.log




To zip the cli log:

zip -r9 ~/logfile.zip ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/logs/snowball.log 

Note: the above command creates the logfile.zip in the user directory.




To zip the Snowball database log:

zip -r9 ~/snowballdb.zip ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/nfSnowballDB/  




To identify the issues in the Snowball log:

grep "exception" ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/logs/snowball.log*

Note: grep is a common unix command to do search. if a line contains the word “exception”, that line is displayed.




To locate and print the list of files of 0 byte:

find ~/ -size 0 -print




To remove the config info:

rm ~/.netflix/contenthub-cli-snowball/conf/options.properties​




To check the status of the Snowball:

./chcli -action status -email -clientId -clientSecret -snowballIp

Example status message:

Result returned: 
Snowball Unlock Status: SUCCESS
Total Capacity: 90 TB
Free Space: 90 TB
S3 Endpoint: http://###.###.###.###:8080



For more information on Snowball workflow, please refer the Snowball User Guide & Delivery Workflow.

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