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Sound: Mastering Home Theater Atmos Natively (Pro Tools)

This article is designed to outline how to utilize the native Dolby Atmos mastering features within Pro Tools.


  • Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.10
  • Dolby Atmos Production Suite v3.3

Note: There is a known stability issues with this workflow on the iMac Pro.


  1. Launch Dolby Atmos Production Suite.

  2. Select “Core Audio” under Preferences -> Audio Drive.


  3. For Audio Input Device, select Dolby Audio Bridge.

  4. For Audio Output Device, select your audio interface.

  5. Select MTC or LTC for External Sync Source & configure appropriately.

    • For MTC, launch Audio MIDI Setup and select "show MIDI Studio".

    • Enable IAC driver by selecting “device is online” typically Bus 1.

    • For LTC, select audio bridge channel channel with PCM timecode (usually 129).


  6. In Pro Tools, select Peripherals -> Synchronization.

    • Under MTC Reader Port, select IAC Driver Bus 1.

    • Under Atmos, make sure Atmos is enabled and the local Production Suite renderer is defined.


  7. Select Playback Engine and change to Dolby Audio Bridge.

    • For H/W Buffer Size, select 1024 samples.


  8. Create a new session from the Dolby Atmos Renderer Dolby Audio Bridge mono template.

  9. In I/O setup, check “apply to all tabs”.

  10. Import IO setup Dolby Atmos Renderer Dolby Audio Bridge Mono.pio.

  11. Customize the template as needed and master Atmos on your Pro Tools system.

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