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Error Code:

Text Elements Error


"Text Elements Error” can apply to any spelling or grammatical typos within on-screen text graphics, main titles or end credits.


Text errors impact the Content Quality of the asset.  Spelling and grammatical typos are distracting to the member experience.  In the event these occur during main titles or end credits, it may also represent a contractual issue, depending on the severity of the typo.

Severity Structure:




On-screen text (main titles, end credits, locales) or text graphics include misspellings, incorrect use of singular versus plural, inaccurate verb tense or missing/incorrect punctuation. 

How to Prevent:                          

Be mindful of contractual obligations for any main title and end credit creation with regards to how cast, crew and studio personnel are credited.  For locale text and any created text graphics, review for proper spelling and grammar.   


Confirm if the on-screen text is approved as is.  If it is not, adjust as needed and re-deliver.


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