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Error Code:


Error Message:

Source fps is FSP_2397, current primary source fps is FPS_2400.


A discrepancy has been detected between the framerate of the original asset delivered and that of the resupplied asset. This can occur when fulfilling a Redelivery Request or an Upgrade Request.


When performing a redelivery or upgrade request, confirm the intended framerate.  If the redelivered file did not require a change in framerate, compare the framerate of the redelivered file to the asset that was originally delivered.  The framerate of the initial delivery can be found in the Transfer Details of the delivery under the Technical Metadata section listed as "Video FPS."  Redeliver the file that matches the listed framerate.


If the redelivered file must have a different framerate, you should communicate this to your Netflix Representative as they will need to create a brand new package and source request to facilitate redelivery. Upgrading the source request will not work due to the pre-established framerate metadata.

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