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This article shows a summary of the changes made to the Netflix timed text style guides (TTSGs) in July 2020. All changes are also summarized at the bottom of each TTSG in the change log.

Please use the "provide feedback on this style guide" button on the respective TTSG to supply feedback and comments.


  • A new instruction has been added to the General Requirements covering all languages, permitting multiple translators to be credit where more than one translator has been involved in special projects

  • All TTSGs now have a specification clarifying the type of ellipsis permitted in subtitle files. Please note that both types of ellipsis are permitted, we are making this rule change to ensure a consistent and clear approach so please work towards this new standard

  • All language-specific TTSGs have had wording clarified under the SDH guidelines sections confirming that where SDH files are being created and the content is also dubbed in that language, the dubbing script or the dubbed audio may be referred to


  • Please note two key article changes:

    • A new, separate article called Subtitling Timing Guidelines has now been published

    • The English Template Timed Text Style Guide has now been made language agnostic and renamed the Template Style Guide. It has been overhauled so please make time to refamiliarize yourselves with it


  • Edits have been made to the following sections:

    • Character names

    • Documentary/Unscripted

    • On-screen text

    • Italics

    • Line treatment

    • Numbers

    • Punctuation


  • More clarity around italics

  • New sections added, moved from the old template TTSG

  • Punctuation section added for further clarity
  • Expanded capitalization advice in the special instructions section


  • The article about romanized Hindi has been folded into the main Hindi TTSG under the FNs/on-screen text sections


  • Abbreviations section revised

  • Section added about time under "numbers"


  • Change to advice about abbreviations


  • Extensive edits made to the following sections:

    • Character names

    • Documentary/Unscripted

    • On-screen text

    • Numbers

    • Punctuation

    • Quotes

    • Repetitions

    • Reference

  • Section added about decades and centuries


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