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This article shows a summary of the changes made to the Netflix timed text style guides (TTSGs) in May 2020. All changes are also summarized at the bottom of each TTSG in the change log.

Please use the "provide feedback on this style guide" button on the respective TTSG to supply feedback and comments.



  • Advice on aligning SDH and audio of the same language has been added to all TTSGs: Where content has been dubbed into the same target language, please refer to the dubbing script as the basis for the SDH file and ensure that the two match as much as reading speed and timings allow.
  • Advice on tone has been added to all TTSGs: Always match the tone of the original content, while remaining relevant to the target audience  (e.g. replicate tone, register, class, formality, etc. in the target language in an equivalent way).
  • All TTSGs have had minor corrections for formatting, punctuation and capitalization



  • Extensive edits have been made to the following sections:
    • Abbreviations: New link added
    • Acronyms: Edits made and link added
    • Character names: Advice added about how to deal with names from other Romance languages which may take different diacritics than Spanish
    • Continuity: Advice edited regarding second ellipsis in pauses
    • Foreign dialogue: Spanish examples added
    • Italics: Examples have been re-worded and edits
    • Numbers: Examples re-worded and expanded
    • Songs: New advice about following standard punctuation rules in song lyrics
    • Special instructions: Advice around tone and avoiding regionalisms in interlingual subtitles
    • SDH: Advice around matching dubs of the same language added, advice around avoiding neutralizing Spanish in intralingual subtitles added, Spanish examples for sound labels and speaker IDs added
    • References: An additional RAE link has been added



  • Guidelines for inflecting names has been adjusted



  • The references section has been folded into the opening paragraph



  • New guidelines about sound labels for indicating hesitations and nervousness in SDH have been added
  • New guidelines about use of diacritics in non-English names have been added. Using accents in non-English names from languages which use the Latin alphabet is accepted



  • Continuity: A change to the advice about use of hyphens when other punctuation is present has been made



  • New dictionary and grammar links have been added



  • Change to advice about abbreviations



  • Links have been added to linguistic resources which deal with race, ethnicity, LGBT+



  • Advice added about how to deal with names from Spanish and other Romance languages which may take different diacritics than Portuguese


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