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You can use filters to organize the email notifications you receive from Content Hub. In this article we show you how to configure filters in Gmail, but you can set up similar filters in any mail client.


Key Info For Mail Filters

Use this information to setup filters:
1. All emails come from info@mailer.netflix.com
2. Subject lines are formatted as...

"Content Hub: Project Title -- Activity"

For example, "Content Hub: The Crown: Season 2 -- 3 assets shared with you"


How to Setup Filters in Gmail

Here is an example for how to configure filters in Gmail:



1. Select the widget in the top right corner of your Mailbox

2. Select Settings


3. Select the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab


4. Scroll below your existing filters and select Create a new filter


5. In the From field, add



6. In the Subject field, add

"Content Hub:"

If you want separate labels for each show, add

"Content Hub: Project Title"


7. Configure your filter to Skip the Inbox and/or Apply the Label


8. Select Create Filter

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