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The Digital Cinema Distribution Master (DCDM) is a complete image sequence of the fully conformed and locked picture, including final VFX and color grade, rendered as a DCDM (X'Y'Z'). The resolution and aspect ratio must be 4K DCI compliant: 3996x2160 or 4096x1716. If approved by Netflix, a 2K DCI compliant resolution may be acceptable: 1998x1080 or 2048x858.


Encoding must adhere to Digital Cinema System Specification Version 1.3, section


Type of Delivery Color Space Transfer Function Format
HDR / Dolby Vision DCDM X'Y'Z' PQ, adhering toSMPTE ST 2084 Uncompressed 16-bit TIFF (.tiff)
SDR DCDM X'Y'Z',adhering toSMPTE ST 428-1 Gamma 2.6 Uncompressed 16-bit TIFF (.tiff)


Additional guidelines and best practices can be found at Picture Archival Guidelines & Best Practices.

Additional details on folder structure and file naming for delivery can be found at Picture Archival Assets: Folder Structure and File Naming Convention.


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