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Definition of Asset QC Roles 

As a QC partner, there are four types of user roles on Asset QC:


The user at a QC partner facility who performs QC, adds notes, annotates based on the QC review.


A QC operator who is able to perform verification, reviewing the QC report for accuracy, actionability based on the contents provided by the QC operator(s). Verifiers are also operators. Netflix only allows for a limited number of verifier roles in selected QC vendors. Verifiers complete tasks that look to validate the QC issues flagged by Operators outside their facility and make sure all QC flags are actionable and accurate.


A QC vendor facility manager who organizes and distributes Asset QC tasks among operators and verifiers that Operators or Verifiers have self-assigned as needed. This user is also the point-of-contact with Netflix's Engagement Manager and QC Specialist and responsible for the training and maintenance of their QC teams.

Download Manager

A Download Manager role has the ability to access QC requests assigned to your facility and download the required assets via Asset QC. This role allows Netflix to provide direct access to AssetQC operators on mobile systems, while ensuring our vendor facilities can maintain security measures for the content.

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