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Sometimes a QC request will be just for the PM or the M&E, but at times, the request will be for both. It’s important for QC to review what the QC request is for before proceeding:


The above request example is for a full comparative of the Printmaster, the M&E, and an integrity pass where the M&E is compared to the PM for differences. 

In these instances since there are two different file types in this QC (M&E and PM), it’s important QC is accurate when tagging which files have the issues they are noting and in the comment box, indicating if it’s on the PM, M&E or both. 

A useful tip: If the reference file provided has audio tracks, they can be a useful tool for comparison, if even as another source to reference. 

Example: If the M&E has a song, but the PM does not. Is the PM missing something or does the M&E have something extra? Checking the reference material to see if it has the song may help inform the decision on how to frame the issue. (The entire story of the findings should still be listed - eg: “The M&E has a song that matches the reference cut, but is missing from the PM.” However, this shouldn’t be used to not flag an issue, if QC feels there is something to flag).

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