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Error Code:

Translation - Offensive Translation Error


When the translations within dubbed audio assets introduce a level of profanity or disrespect that is not present in the original creative intent. Translations must not unnecessarily harshen the language used or the meaning of the content.

Example: When translation introduces slurs

The n-word is used colloquially between friends. In this context, the n-word should be translated or transcribed as the equivalent of "n---a" in English (the casual usage) and not "n---er" (the racial slur). Translating or transcribing this as a racial slur would be introducing a level of profanity that is not intended by the creators.

Example: When translation censors creative intent

A male character introduces his husband but the subtitle translates "husband" as "friend." In this context, the translation is introducing a level of disrespect (via censoring the romantic relationship) that is not intended by the creators.

Example: When translation disrespects identity

A character speaks about the nuances of identifying as a drag queen but the translation changes "drag queen" to "hermaphrodite." Since these are different identities this translation is not faithful to the original intent of the creators and introduces a level of disrespect.


Translations and transcriptions should always be an accurate representation of the intent of the original content language without adding additional vulgarity or censorship.

Always match the tone of the original content, while remaining relevant to the target audience (e.g. replicate the tone, register, class, formality, etc. in the target language in an equivalent way).

The n-word should only be spelled with the -er ending in historical contexts or as a racist slur; its use in slang, non-racist conversation, or song lyrics should be handled with the -a ending.

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