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What is Asset QC?

Asset QC is Netflix's proprietary platform for managing Quality Control of our media assets. 

It is a tool that supports creating and sharing QC reports and files, playback and production communication into a single platform. 

We use Asset QC to make QC requests (jobs) available to our QC partners, via the self-assignment pool or manual assignments. 

The self-assignment pool is the means through which each partner can take on a certain amount of QC requests, based on availability and completion of previous tasks. 


Example of self-assignment queue view for a QC partner manager.

Netflix's QC managers can also, at their discretion, place manually-created QC requests and assign them to specific partners. If your facility has been assigned to a QC request, you'll see it show up on your QC Partner Manager's queue. 

Through Asset QC your facility is able to:

  • Download assets for performing Download QC tasks (ex.: IMPs and Music & Effects .wav files); 
  • Playback content for performing Cast QC-mode requests;
  • Create QC reports, by tagging specific assets, entering timecodes and error codes and adding descriptions;
  • Manage timelines and SLAs for request completion;
  • File tickets for support.

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