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Understanding QC Modes & Tasks

QC Modes

QC modes determine how the QC request should be performed. There are three distinct modes: Download, Cast and Browser.

  • Download QC 
    • AKA Source QC
    • QC Performed on Final Deliverable master files (IMF, M&E/ PM WAVs, Atmos BWAVs)
    • UHD or HD Resolution
    • Allows for Atmos, 5.1, 2.0 audio mixes
  •  Cast QC
    • Aka Device QC
    • Utilizes High Quality encoded streams (HDR/SDR and Audio) 
    • UHD or HD Resolution
    • Playback is “cast” from within Asset QC to 4K TV, 5.1 surround setup using Google Chromecast 4K Ultra.
    • Allows for 5.1 or 2.0 audio mixes 
  • Browser QC
    • Not applicable to Branded Content
    • Utilizes SDR and Audio streams 
    • HD Resolution
    • Playback directly on the Asset QC browser window with headphones.
    • Allows for 5.1 or 2.0 Audio mixes

The QC mode of a specific request is displayed both on the title of the request on Request List view and also at the header of the QC request page:


Example of a QC request header and its QC mode.


Example of a QC request listing on the queue and its QC mode.

QC Tasks

Tasks specify which assets (video, audio, etc.) and to what extent (full QC or spot/fix check QC) they should be reviewed in the QC request. 

Here is a quick definition of possible QC tasks:

  • FULL QC - Consists of a 100% full linear pass of the content.
  • SPOT QC - Consists of a 5 point spot check of the content (first 2 minutes, 1 minute at 25%, 1 minute at 50%, 1 minute at 75%, and the last 2 minutes).
  • FIX CHECK - Consists of a SPOT QC (as described above) plus a check of each issue or blocker marked on the report as "Production Will Fix".  Any ISSUES or FYIs marked as "Creative Intent" or "Best Possible" should be confirmed as still present in the content.  Once confirmed, these should be left in the report with the original severity for visibility (i.e. Do NOT downgrade, resolve, or disagree with any of the "Creative Intent" or "Best Possible" sign offs).     

QC tasks are tagged on each QC requests header:


Example of a QC request header and its QC tasks tags.

Here is a list of the QC tasks available for our QC vendors for branded content. Note that a single QC request can have one or more QC tasks included in it.

  • Full HDR Video QC
  • Full SDR Video QC
  • Full 5.1 Audio QC
  • Full 2.0 Audio QC
  • Full Atmos QC
  • Full Printmaster QC
  • Full M&E Comparative QC
  • Full M&E Integrity QC
  • Spot HDR Video QC
  • Spot SDR Video QC
  • Spot Audio 5.1 QC
  • Spot Audio 2.0 QC
  • Spot Printmaster QC
  • Spot Atmos QC
  • Spot M&E Integrity QC
  • Spot M&E Comparative QC
  • Fix Check HDR QC
  • Fix Check SDR QC
  • Fix Check 5.1 Audio QC
  • Fix Check 2.0 Audio QC
  • Fix Check Atmos QC
  • Fix Check M&E Integrity QC
  • Fix Check Printmaster Integrity QC

The table below shows the combination of the most common QC modes and tasks:






Download QC

Cast QC

Download QC

Cast QC



Full HDR

Full HDR

FixCheck HDR Source

Spot HDR Source

FixCheck HDR Stream

Spot HDR Stream


Full SDR

Full SDR

FixCheck SDR Source

Spot SDR Source

FixCheck SDR Stream

Spot SDR Stream



Full 5.1

Full 5.1

Audio 5.1 Full Source

Audio 5.1 Spot Source

Audio 5.1 FixCheck Stream

Audio 5.1 Spot Stream


Full Stereo

Full Stereo

Audio Stereo FixCheck Source

Audio Stereo Spot Source

Audio Stereo FixCheck Stream

Audio Spot Stereo Stream


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