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The standard SLA to complete a QC task will continue to be 48 hours from self assignment of the content. This includes the time it takes to download the assets if needed.

For tasks marked as “High Priority”, the SLA will be 24 hours with a 50% increase applied to the rate as a rush fee.

The SLA applies to all content and includes weekends and holidays.

There are times when circumstances prevent completion of work within the target time allotted. Below are use cases where the QC vendor manager should alert Asset Management via ticket submission for an extension of the QC or Verification due date:

  • Issues downloading required assets for QC have delayed start of work
  • The assigned QC operator or verifier has become unavailable to perform the work and reassignment has not been made before the SLA date
  • A technical error is experienced within the Asset QC tool preventing completion of work by the SLA date
  • Sudden network bandwidth issues or unexpected staffing limitations experienced in the QC facility preventing completion of tasks in a timely manner
  • An active support ticket for a QC task is not resolved by the SLA date

Outside of these circumstances, the expectation is to complete all tasks assigned within the allotted time, and adjustments will not be made to extend due dates.

To request an SLA extension, please submit a support ticket from within the Asset QC request page, and include the project title and task in your header. Netflix teams will then respond with confirmation of the SLA change if applicable.

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