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Specifically in the case of M&E Spot check, the breadth of issues flagged will be limited to GLOBAL technical issues only. A “global technical issue” is an issue that affects the entire runtime of the asset.

Therefore, only the following issues should be flagged:

  • Incorrect Asset - Title 
  • True Peak Measurement 
  • Incorrect Asset - Asset Type (Sample rate/encoding out of spec 
  • Channel Mismapping 
  • Audio Channel Issue - Audio Bleed 
  • Sync - Global Offset 
  • Sync - Drift Early or Late 
  • Audio Channel Issue - Mixdown Issue (Corrupted tracks) 
  • Audio Drop Out (any kind) 
  • Extraneous Content Dialogue (Original language present on the tracks)

Please do not flag issues such as: discernible language in walla, individual effects out of sync, missing effects/foley, since the focus of the M&E Spot check task should be placed on the overall track technical aspects.

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