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When performing M&E or Print Master QC requests, the operator will need a video reference to check for several types of issues (missing effects, dialogue out-of-sync, for example).

Asset QC automatically shares a video reference within the QC request. On its page, the operator will see a download option which might service either the Locket Cut or an IMF Proxy to be used as a reference:



Preferential Proxy Servicing

Picture reference served within Asset QC for M&E and Print Master QC task types will be prioritized in the following order to ensure the most final, approved timing is provided:

  • Final Proxy - derived from the IMF delivered to Backlot


If the IMF has not delivered yet:

  • Servicing Turnover Backlot Proxy - derived from the Servicing Turnover ProRes 422 (HQ) delivered to Content Hub


If neither the IMF nor the Servicing Turnover have been delivered:

  • Locked Cut Backlot proxy - derived from the “locked cut” delivered to Content Hub


*** If timing of provided proxy does not match the audio files, but an alternative stage mix reference has been supplied with the M&E files, please use that to complete the QC if possible. ***

  • If the Final Proxy is served, and there is a timing discrepancy against the audio files, this should be flagged as a BLOCKER.  
    • As this proxy is derived from the IMF, picture/ audio timing should be considered “final”.  Therefore, any discrepancies would indicate a potential versioning error between the audio delivered to Content Hub and the audio wrapped in the IMF.
  • Timing discrepancies against the Servicing Turnover Backlot Proxy or Locked Cut Backlot proxy should still be flagged as an ISSUE.
    • While these proxies may not be considered “final”, there are other downstream teams that may also be using these picture references.  

“Timing discrepancy” refers to any global sync offset/ drift or mismatched shots/ scenes after the initial alignment on a playback timeline.  It does NOT include the need to trim 1K tone/ sync pops/ extra format silence from the audio files. 

In some cases, our productions will upload a companion video reference file (usually a QT file) with the M&E files. If you see a video file or proxy along with the 5.1 Music & Effects folder, please use that file as a reference and disregard whatever other video assets Asset QC surfaced to you. See the example below:


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