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Our approach to QC is one of context and conversation. Our process combines automation and human revision to help productions review, repair and refine the content. 

Our QC Partners are trained and tested to review content at the highest of standards, ensuring that all files meet our Technical Delivery Specifications and are free of disruptive technical issues and content inconsistencies that may disrupt a member’s experience. Once a QC report is completed and distributed to our partners, we discuss what was found and can advise on a best path forward.

The Production Operations Specialist team provides post production, title and vendor support for launch and archival asset delivery into the Netflix ecosystem. Focused on Video, Sound, Editorial Media, Source Materials, and Music materials for launch and archive, Asset Management main responsibilities are:  

  • Onboarding, training and educating our partners on QC standards and delivery requirements; 

  • Educates partners on the navigation of the digital asset management systems; 

  • Setting expectations to the qualitative analysis performed on delivered assets and; 

  • Recommending on common proper practices for preparing and mastering content for both launch and preservation.


11/16/2022 -- Updated references to "Asset Management" in both the article title and as our former team name.

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