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QC tasks are identified in the upper left side of all Asset QC requests: 


The example above calls for a Full QC Download with a pass of the HDR and one of the SDR.

For QC requests that include both a HDR and SDR task, the QC operator is required to perform  two separate passes with the correct color space engaged and monitors calibrated to the request type. For HDR content, the SDR is created using Dolby Vision .xml metadata and is not a separate video file. 

As part of the SDR task for these types of QC, the .xml metadata itself must also be checked for errors. Examples of .xml issues can be found in the Netflix Error Code Glossary.

Operators  are welcome to use each (the HDR and SDR) to compare errors they find where they might need more context or to support their QC reporting, but it’s not advisable for a single operator to playback both versions at the same time for QC. 

In the case of Fix Check tasks, the QC operator should check both the HDR and SDR of all supplements, as well as perform a spot check of the HDR and SDR to ensure nothing has been impacted by the latest update.

The QC operator is required to specify which task the error was found; in the HDR, the SDR, or both. 

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