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For the accurate review of Netflix Atmos mixes, we recommend using the following setup:

  • Mac Pro/Windows PC with minimum 32GB of RAM and 500GB internal storage - additional RAM and storage recommended for optimum playback. 
  • Most recent version of Avid Pro Tools Ultimate or a compatible IMF Mastering tool that can playback IAB or BWAV ADM files.
  • Dolby Atmos Renderer and Dolby Atmos Monitor in Dolby Atmos Production Suite for Pro Tools
  • Audio Hardware interface (Thunderbolt or USB) with at least 12 outputs. 
  • Recommended multiple TB external hard disk with Thunderbolt/USB 3 interface
  • Dual monitor or dual connection with KVM switch to a single monitor for Pro Tools
    • One for Session info
    • One for Video playback
  • If reviewing IMF with IAB and Video essences at the same time, Video must be played back on a compatible UHD and HDR capable display, same as for HDR/SDR Video QC.
  • Minimum 7.1.4 speaker arrangement
  • Atmos Monitor Controller - Examples:

This setup should be built into a unity environment, free of outside sounds that may interfere with the QC. Please avoid placing room near road facing walls or high traffic hallways. Please utilize professional grade sound proofing for both walls and doorways into the room. Room should be tuned and calibrated monthly to ensure accurate sound reproduction. Signals should be free of EQ balancing to ensure native signal is coming through the speakers.

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