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There may be a few things you can do prior to submitting a support ticket, if you are experiencing login/permissions errors or download issues. 

If you were previously or are currently able to log in to Asset QC, and if your data i/o team can download assets from other QC requests in progress:

  • Ensure you are on the latest version of Google Chrome browser with the latest version of Aspera Connect installed.  This is a baseline requirement for all applications in the Netflix ecosystem.  

  • Either clear your browser cache and cookies and refresh your browser window or open an incognito window, and try logging in again.  

  • Make sure the QC operator has either selected this task from the SASS pool OR in the case of a manually assigned QC request, make sure the QC operator has clicked START QC.  


If you are unable to access or download from any requests currently in progress at your facility, double check your firewall settings and ensure all necessary domains, IP addresses/ port ranges are granted access.


Netflix Asset QC Domain



Netflix Aspera

Hostname: pegasusasperaprod.us-east-1.dynprod.netflix.net ( - - Legacy FileTransfer Aspera servers ( - ( -

TCP: 22, 33001, UDP: 33001


Netflix Identity Service (Meechum)

Hostname: meechum.netflix.com

TCP: 443


Netflix Access Service

Hostname: nflxaccess.prod.netflix.net


TCP: 443


Pegasus Metadata Service

Hostname: pegasus-stargate.prod.netflix.net


TCP: 443, 8980

Hostname: pegasus-stargate.prod.netflixstudios.com


TCP: 443, 8980


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