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Source Elements Source Connect Standard Onboarding Guide

Source Elements Source Connect Pro Onboarding Guide


  • Subscribe to Source Connect Pro



  • Subscribe to Source Connect Standard with actor credentials. Activate license on source connect website to actor iLok account.


  • Select Manage Contacts in Source Connect Pro/Standard and add actor account on both sides


  • On Source Elements website, select Manage iLok Licenses and refresh licenses to ensure it is registered


  • Send the actor installation files for the following. Walk them through installation and drag Source Connect license to their local computer - no physical iLok.
  • Both sides launch Source Connect and login with respective credentials.

  • Both sides configure I/O with default setting except for:
    • Send bitrate - 192 kbps


    • Remove send delay of 80 on both sides of the connection



  • Use Source Nexus, Soundflower or Source Nexus Control to route Source Connect to/from Pro Tools

  • Select actor in contacts list and establish connection to them

  • Actor drops .tml file onto Source-Player Playback and movie opens

  • Set RTS to Send on Editor side and Receive on Actor side.


  • Use a USB Mic of your choice with a Laptop. *Apogee Hype Mic or similar is recommended.

  • Optionally establish a Facetime, Google Hangouts, Skype or Zoom call with the director or sound team on another device. Source Elements also offers Source-Connect Now and Source Elements Meet (with video) for collaboration with multiple clients.

  • Ask the actor to record in an isolated room with the least echo. Closets can work, or rooms with curtains/couches/beds - materials that absorb sound

  • Ask talent to share a test recording with the production for recording quality validation before recording extensively

  • All parties must use headphones to prevent feedback

  • Start with the Provided Template and modify as needed

  • Mic Placement Example - try twice the pictured distance for ADR/Dubbing


Change Log

  • 2020-04-20: First Version





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